As a way of saying
“Thank You”
for your business,
now you can earn 1 point
every time you spend $1
at Drifthouse by David Burke.

By joining our VIP Loyalty Program, we will credit you with 50 points, and you are now on your way to your first reward. Redeem your points for fun rewards, like special discounts and complimentary items.  After you are registered, give your server or bartender your phone number, and your points will be entered for you. It’s that simple! 

You will also receive
EXCLUSIVE discounts
when you choose to receive text or email notifications!


Please fill out the inquiry form below
and a team member will contact you
to complete enrollment in
our VIP Loyalty Program.

Drifthouse by David Burke VIP Program


  • Earn one point for each dollar spent. *See restrictions below
  • Earn a bonus of 50 points on every fifth visit.
  • Earn a 50 point bonus just for signing up.


  • Daily Dinner Special: Receive 10% off the VIPs check for 80 points. **See restrictions below
  • Sweet Tooth Special: Receive a complimentary dessert for 50 points.
  • Monthly Dinner Special: All VIPs with greater than 1,000 points or greater will be able to receive dinner for a total of 1,000 points. *** See restrictions below
  • Bottle Buster Special: Receive 20% off any bottle of wine for 50 points per bottle.
  • Additional VIP Specials:  All of our VIP members will be emailed with specials each month such as concert dinners, wine dinners and themed parties. VIP members will be entitled to use their points towards purchases related to these events.



*Earn one point for each dollar spent is subject to the following restriction: Maximum of 1,000 points earned on any party of 12 or more.

**Points cannot be used on private events or on the following days: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

***The monthly dinner special is subject to the following restrictions: VIPs can use 1,000 of their points to receive dinner with a maximum value of $400.00. All 1,000 points will be used for one visit only. One monthly dinner special per month.

1)  All VIP members must be present at the time of purchase to earn points
2)  All VIP members must pay for the bill.
3)  VIP points can be used all year. 
4) VIP members can register online or in person.
5) VIP members must be 21 or older
6) VIP points earned must be entered at the time of each visit.
7) VIP program benefits cannot be used in combination with other discounts available such as Driftwood member discounts.
8) VIP members will automatically be enrolled in the Drifthouse email program.
9) VIP points are non-transferable
10) Drifthouse by David Burke reserves the right to change the program or terminate the program at any point without notice. If the program is terminated, VIP members will be entitled to redeem their points within one year of termination.
11) Points are awarded on post-discounted, pre-tip amount